Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival June 10-12 2013 Hamilton Montana

9am - 5pm
Friday - Sunday

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Attention! WORKSHOPS still available!

If you are planning on attending the Fiber Arts Festival next week, these workshops still have some spaces. Some have only 1 or 2. Some instructors can take another 15 with their “helper”.

  • Elegant Nuno Felted Scarf
  • Weave an Overshot Scarf
  • Woven Tapestry Bag
  • Spinning Alpaca Yarns 5 Ways
  • Crochet a Potato Chip Scarf (beginner class, hook included)
  • Embellishment with a Purpose (great for the textile artist)
  • Pounded Plant Dyed Fabric
  • Scraps to Fabulous (great for the textile artists)
  • Sample a Fleece in a Flash
  • Domino Knitting
  • Warp Weighted Loom-Weave a Scarf
  • Spirit Dolls
  • Twist and Shout
  • Weaving with Novelty Yarns (no loom required)
  • Making Lead Ropes and Leashes
  • Knitting or Crocheting with Locks, Thrums, Rovings
  • Spinning Silk
  • Bump it Up a Notch
  • Inlaid Felting

With the exception of one weaving workshop, these can be attended with no preparation except to bring your spinning wheel to those appropriate classes.

Most, if not all of these instructors have kits and/or prepared fibers for your workshop!

CALL to check up to date availability from 8am to 10pm. Joyce 406-642-3119

Thanks for looking at these wonderful workshops and wonderful instructors!

We are sharing the Fairgrounds this year with our friends from Montana Mule Days. Busy place for the weekend!

The Big Sky Fiber Arts Festival is a 3-day show.

Passes may be purchased at the gate. The entry fee is $10 for a 3-day pass or $5 for a one-day pass. Vendors and exhibitors receive 2 passes.

Set-up will commence on Thursday, from Noon until 5pm, and again on Friday morning.

Festival attendees: Hamilton is not a large town and has limited lodging for late comers. Make sure you have a place to stay if you are coming from out of town and not staying with someone.

There are lodging opportunities south and north of town including camping and B&B’s.

Please email if you want to be on the festival’s postal or e-mail list.

Road Trip!

Where is this fun event, you ask? About 30 miles south of Missoula, MT in the big town of Hamilton. The County Fairgrounds has a new Convention Center building that is perfect for vendors, demos and hanging out. And of course, the fairgrounds has the animal facilities we need to acknowledge our friends who actually grow all this great fiber for us.

Hamilton is nestled in the Southern part of the Valley and is spectacular in June with the green hills and pastures topped by snow-capped peaks. Check the links on the left as they become active for places to stay, and other activities. If you are a hard-core fiber nut, you could visit us, then motor leisurely to Black Sheep Gathering.

Livestock exhibitors, please read the Livestock General Rules.

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